September 3, 2023

To the Senior Management of SULLIVAN & CROMWELL

To the Texas Bar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I contact you this day with a simple request of you and yours – 1. Read the laws and the mission statement herein , 2. send to me a signature ready retainer document via reply to this email


I require your immediate services, specific to you and yours to be tasked to complete SEC IPO documents and U.S. court filings in multiple jurisdictions, I also require  your assistance to form a new multi-national law firm that will act under pre-paid contract to expand ALL legal services to ALL veterans .. – in effect – the following will happen  I am issuing an open formal challenge to you and yours as you are being asked to standup and assist – with the best of your services as required to restore honor to the U.S. Flag  I will pay what is required to remove the paywall or the need to “qualify or apply”  from the lives of All military veterans. And in effect actual I already have paid for the following and yet – the lack of ethics and dishonesty of known parties remains the word of the day –

I have an immediate need for 169 Legal Officers to be on call 24/7/356

I have an immediate need for receipt of court orders to cause the movement of payments for 17000 people every 28 days

I have an immediate need to complete recurring import exports FOB our truck our vessel our aircraft

I have an immediate need to cause remove all homeless veterans from the street and put them in their own home

I have an immediate need for the arrest and trial of known parties as per law

I have an immediate need for deployment of a veterans only app that removes the paywall from military veterans

–  in closing – it is notable you are also being asked to use your authority and experience as officers of the court to receive evidence of documented crimes of known elected and appointed military government and corporate officers and cause the end of crime against veterans and their families – a document that is being prepared for distribution as public and classified versions – ITU ITAR SIGNALS INTELLEGENCE INTEGRITY AUDIT FINDINGS REPORT – therefore by the laws found herein below

As to your perceived liability – there is only one  – if you and yours take upon yourself to ignore this simple request – then factually you and yours will by default be at risk of be known as part of the group that is facing a trial by a jury of their peers –

p.s. I am also supposed to tell you I have been paid to send you this message and that this request should be seen by your group as a major priority – if only because I am also the father of a kidnapped child and the U.S. Government has denied my rights and the rights of everyone that works for me – because the U.S. government has been funding human trafficking via the known acts of Bar Card Holders

Sincerely yours

Henry Bryant Lanier Sr. Esq. PhD.

Lanier Capital
Lanier Family Trust

Twitter : qhq171,

Our Oath & Mission Statement:

We the veterans of The United States of America shall maintain in perpetuity 24/7/365 in all realms of land, sea, and air, the complete and total fully independent operational readiness status including but not limited to all manpower, equipment, labor, materials, and resources as may be determined to be reasonable and necessary, beyond any reasonable doubt to cause upon sight by any member the immediate de facto end of any source, origin, form, cause, or effect of: usury, debt, poverty, and war for the children of humanity, effective this 17th day of December 2018.

This email Is Authorized Via 22 U.S. Code § 2295a & 50 U.S. Code § 1702 & 10 U.S. Code § 2304 26 Cfr 1.507-2 – Special Rules; Transfer To, Or Operation As, Public Charity. & Title 47. Telecommunications Chapter 5. Wire Or Radio Communication Subchapter Ii. Common Carriers Part I. Common Carrier Regulation Section 230. Protection For Private Blocking And Screening Of Offensive Material  We Authorize This Release Original 1 Of 1

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