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UNCITRAL Secretariat
Vienna International Centre
P.O. Box 500
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: 43-(1) 26060-4060 or 4061
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Madam Secretary,

I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well, I contact you this 7th day of August 2023 for the express purpose of defending my family and my business – I am seeking immediate legitimate due process of law by your hand and the UN as may be required to find relief from apparent red tape of living in a conflict zone, I represent The United States of America Veterans Memorial Children’s Charity Network and the Ukraine Best Place For Family Independent Economic development SRO, I require clearing of payments without having to pay bribes or endure harm against people that work for my family and my companies — my contactors have been denied access to their payroll per-diem by so called banks that were found giving false information and actually admitting on known recorded compliance calls of intentionally violating human civil and criminal law because “ they were told to” ??? – simply stated I have been paid to set up import export lanes of land sea and air , I have purchased product and service and the banks in Ukraine and the US have versioned history law and fact apparently in favor of suppressing all right to anyone that is not on an approved list .. why at the same time I am a registered investor land owner business owner and father of children born both in the US and Ukraine — factually no single instance of a legitimate international compliance with ANY agreement between the nations of United States and or Ukraine – specifically – loading trucks ocean going vessels and aircraft is what I have been per-paid to complete – and we have found what is best described as blatant violation of law by law under color of law –  Q. how is it possible government enabled companies have more rights than private persons and private companies? 17+ years of documented  violations of treaty charter contract and law – with zero feed back in any legitimate form – in effect actual we are supposed to load 169 trailers every 8 hours for export and have been denied right to complete this task by known banks that have been witnessed stealing others funds and denying at will anyone on a so called black list – my person my business and my family are be definition supposed to be protected by executive order of both the United States and Ukraine – as that has been my status for more than 40+years and yet we have found a pattern of corrupted records cross border by design for government enabled anti-trust and maritime law violations – indeed having paid for all manner of transport machines of land sea and air  it has taken us more tan 7 years of paperwork to transition to the requirements of the splitting of our portfolio further and to notable errors in manage of my family brand – there are 179 instances of my brand being used without my knowledge or consent – we presented these fact to the courts and the court will not explain how it is that all the aforementioned herein was also conveyed to the court with no response due to “be told to” –  I seek common sense remedy  it is a crime to prevent people from buying or selling or travel that is of a non criminal nature – therein the data only say it is what it is   — government owned structures do not retain right  to steal private property  lie about it using unlawful acts and get paid to suppress the rights of the parties they stole from – however this is yet again another example of codified circular logic of law –   I ask that you call me  – it is time to load these trucks boats and aircraft and help these people in Ukraine –  the world can know peace and it must start with the end of crime on this radio called the internet  — the ITU ITAR SIGINT AUDIT FINDINGS REPORT the import export channels must be opened they are cooking the books based on fake data – the goods and services and materials  must be delivered as it will be what is required to see the paid enforcement that were unfunded as to see a remarked reduction of increase of failures of compliance as to allow for the expansion of all efforts to end  anti-trust of government owned or funded parties beause it already is a mandate of the entire house of man.

p.s. I will effective this date be forwarding emails to you for the record –  

Sincerely yours

Henry Bryant Lanier Sr. Esq. PhD.

MOBILE 38 (095) 753 8284
OFFICE (551) 241-6455
Lanier Capital
Lanier Family Trust

Twitter : qhq171

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