Welcome to USVETBANK.US a Private Bank & Trust By Veterans For Veterans

Our Oath & Mission Statement:

We the veterans of The United States of America shall maintain in perpetuity 24/7/365 in all realms of land, sea, and air, the complete and total fully independent operational readiness status including but not limited to all manpower, equipment, labor, materials, and resources as may be determined to be reasonable and necessary, beyond any reasonable doubt to cause upon sight by any member the immediate de facto end of any source, origin, form, cause, or effect of: usury, debt, poverty, and war for the children of humanity, effective this 17th day of December 2018.


USVETBANK Core Values: Honor and integrity.

USVETBANK Mission: To eliminate usury, debt, poverty, and war.

USVETBANK Vision: To empower US Military Veterans to bring honor and integrity back to the American way of life.

Did you really think this was just a bank?

There are nearly twenty million veterans in this great country, all of whom took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This oath is eternal. The days of our veterans being sidelined, ignored, and abused are over. Here at this website, veterans and their families will soon learn about the vast array of resources being made available to accomplish the goal of eliminating usury, debt, poverty, and war.

Stake out a place for yourself and make history with us.

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